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Mini Series

Looking for a convenient and fashionable complement to life?
Here comes your best choice.
Tiny, fashionable and practical

Swivel Series

360 degree rotating, compact and user-friendly

Retractable Series

Retractable USB connector eliminates the need for caps and protects perfectly the connector.

Click Series

Takes only a “clicking" action to extend the USB connector,check and enjoy it.

Key Shaped Series

Take care! Do not mistake them for your house keys!

Name Card Series

Take as much data as you want in your wallet with a slim name card USB drive.
Large logo printing size available

Plastic Series

Looking for a robust rubber casing or portable plastic one? Check here.

Multi-functional Series

It is a USB flash drive?or may be a stylus, a pen, a bottle-opener....

Type-C USB

Type-C OTG Flash Drive

Apple Certified USB

iDisk me iDisk you iDisk plus