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USB Flash Drive UDF355

Removable Storage Device (up to 64GB)
USB3.0 Super speed
Plug & play and support hot swap
Higher performance with different solution
With higher transfer speed, optimized power efficiency and more reliable data transport compared to USB 2.0, USB 3.0 is meant to be your ideal choice for storage. Both standard solution and premium solution can be offered based on different performance requirements.
Steady compatibility with USB 2.0
While the USB 3.0 interface delivers higher data transfer rates, it is backwards steadily compatible with USB 2.0 to satisfy mass demand. Moreover, USB 3.0 is more energy efficient. 
Turn-Key service
With 14-year professional experience in OEM/ODM solution, TOPDISK offer one-stop service for all USB flash drives: ID Designing, Tooling, Molding, Logo Printing, Wafer Packaging, Automatic SMT, Assembling, QC Testing, Packing, Shipping.

    – IBM PC or compatible PC,Notebook or Macintosh with USB port
Operation System
– Support Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP
– Support Mac OS 10.X
– Support Linux kernels 2.5 and above
NAND Flash Interface
– 1-4 Channels with Interleave Support
– Support MLC/TLC: 2X nm to 2Ynm process, 4/8/16KB page size, TSOP/LGA/CNAND
– Global Wear-Leveling
– Power-cycling handling 
USB3.0 with USB2.0 combo interface
–Capacity from 8 GB to 64 GB
–Support system with USB3.0 Port.
–Backwards compatibles with USB2.0
–Hot plug and play
–More than 10 year’s data retention 
–Super speed data transfer performance 
   Transfer rates: Reading up to 32-200 MB/sec., Writing up to 8-60MB/sec. in USB3.0 HOST
[The rate of performance depends on the different operation system available 
and various flash adopted ]
Physical characteristics:
–Product Dimension: 68*22*10.7mm
–Net Weight: 11g 
Packing details:
Plastic blister packaging:
Plastic blister Size: 14.5*10*1.5cm 
Carton size:
Inner box: 32*16*11cm (25pcs/box)
For 100pcs/ctn: 33*32*24cm 
For 200pcs/ctn: 64*33*24cm